The TV Stand Kitchen

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Well, let’s get the ball rolling! The first featured craft we will have is a small kitchenette I made for my daughters out of an old TV stand. If you have a few basic tools and some spare paint, this is an easy project that you could complete over a few evenings and week-ends. I will try to post some step-by-step instructions and we’ll see how in turns out.

Step 1: Taking off all the doors and seeing what we had to work with.  We took the glass door off right away to avoid the inevitable smashed glass door on the garage floor.

Step 2: Here are the rough-ins for the microwave and stove.

Step 3:  We cut a hole in the centre of one of the extra shelves to make the stove door. We did the same for the microwave door. If you’re lucky you should be able to do the same.

Step 4: We cut a whole in the area meant for the TV and dropped in an old salad bowl to make the sink.

Step 5: Here it is all roughed-in and ready for painting

final placement

Step 6: We added some counter top (left over vinyl flooring) and a tile back splash (also left overs) to give it an authentic kitchen feel. You can also see the hole’s drilled for the faucets.

Step 7: I had to add some extra wood to the back of the sink & stove area. It was basically just cardboard back there and it needed to be done for stability. I bought the wood from the scrap section at a Home Hardware for about $5. I was also able to add a small shelf to the back which turned out to be a bonus.

Step 8: Here it is with some of the door attached and the final pieces going into place.

Step 9: Here I am adding the stove knobs and burner decals. Originally the burners were going to be made out of old coffee can lids, but they proved to be too sharp for tiny grabby fingers.

decals and knobs

Step 10: Here is a view of the fridge/freezer simply because I forgot to show it until this point. All of the handles (microwave, stove, fridge, freezer) were bought at a Habitat for Humanity store for about 25 cents a piece. They dont match, but that adds to the look.


…..This is is just a photo of the finished fridge stoked with felted foods and shelves.

Step 11: Here is is basically finished. I just need to add the picture for the window (still needs to be printed) and a few framed pictures for the side.

Well, I think that’s a pretty decent first post. I am sure they wont all have this much detail, but I thought I’d get this thing off to an enthusiastic start. I’ll start half-assing it later.



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Hello there.

I have created this blog to showcase the handy-work of dads who love to make crafty things for their children. When possible, I will also post links to instructions or tutorials on how to make them yourselves.  Anyone can submit their work and I will post it.  Hopefully we’ll get some interesting submissions and come up with some new ideas!

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